61 South Paramus Road, Suite 425
Paramus, NJ 07652
phone: 201.556.4570
toll free: 800.445.2448
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Financial Advisors | Paramus, NJ - Lincoln Financial Advisors

Financial Advisors in Paramus, NJ

Our Lincoln team of Financial Advisors work everyday to inspire and empower clients to take charge of their futures with optimism. We’ve got the tools to help you plan smarter for the future and by planning ahead you can be prepared for life’s challenges. Meet the members of our qualified team out of Paramus, New Jersey.



Bruce Linger CFP®, CRPC®, CPFA, CCFS™

Financial Professional
Bruce.Linger@lfg.com 201.556.4564

Anthony Cingire Jr. CRPC®

Financial Professional
Anthony.Cingire@lfg.com 201.556.4598

Sandra Becks

Financial Professional
Sandra.Becks@lfg.com 856.488.2874

Eamonn Gaffney CRPC®

Financial Professional
Eamonn.Gaffney@lfg.com 732.623.2089

George Mouded CRPC®

Financial Professional
George.Mouded@lfg.com 732.623.2074

Practice Management


Monica Oates

Practice Manager
Monica.Oates@lfg.com 201.556.4516

Maria C. Palmieri

Client Services Administrator,
Retirement Services
Maria.Palmieri@lfg.com 201.556.4570

Nicholina Glavan

Practice Assistant
Nicholina.Glavan@lfg.com 201.556.4571

Brokerage Operations


Trudi E. Muller

Practice Director,
Brokerage Operations
Trudi.Muller@lfg.com 201.556.4578

Teresa A. Tinsley

Practice Assistant,
Brokerage Operations
Teresa.Tinsley@lfg.com 201.556.4514

Angela Quinones

Practice Assistant
Angela.Quinones@lfg.com 732.767.6049

Paula Charria

Practice Assistant
Paula.Charria@lfg.com 732.767.6032



Carol Larkin

Practice Director,
Carol.Larkin@lfg.com 201.556.4590

Senior Consultant


Sy Green CFP

Senior Consultant
Sy.Green@lfg.com 201.556.4591